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We Own The Night Blitz

We Own the Night by Kristen Strassel
(Night Songs Collection #3)
Publication date: September 1st 2014
Genres: New Adult, Paranormal, Romance

Callie Chabot would stop at nothing to save her ex-boyfriend Blade Bennett from the clutches of vampire clan leader Talis de Rancourt, even if means becoming immortal herself. What she doesn’t know is that Blade has already defeated Talis, and he’s waiting for Callie in the afterlife.
Now Callie only has her creator, Tristan Trevosier, to turn to for guidance. But he’s too wrapped up in the debauchery of the Las Vegas rock scene to give a damn about the particulars of being undead. That’s enough to drive Callie crazy on its own, but female vampires are automatic clan leaders.
Not only does Callie have no idea how to wrangle a vampire clan, but her would-be followers have more to gain from her failure. They instead choose to follow Blade—and he’s hell-bent on making Callie pay for her bad decisions. Since he took out the existing clan leader, that automatically puts him at the helm of what should be Callie’s new clan.
That’s when seasoned rogue vampire, Cash Logan, shows up, shrouded in magic and mystery. No one is sure which side Cash is on, but Callie needs to take a chance on the one vampire who is willing to give her the answers she needs, no matter how dark and frightening they may be. Callie must trust her instincts and form alliances that may backfire. Cash shows Callie that playing nice is no longer an option, and that fixing her wrongs won’t always make everything right.
To take control of her clan, Callie must look to her rival to discover exactly what makes her a leader.



We Own the Night--Available September 1, 2014
Cash Logan’s eyes followed me again from the moment I stepped into Embrace until I got to the bar. My skin tingled under his gaze. Was he trying to read me? What would he pick up?
Weren’t my weakness already public knowledge?
Lennon had a Venomtini waiting for me as I climbed up on the bar stool. She knew just what I needed. I licked sugar off the rim, and then downed most of it in a long, smooth sip.
“Damn, doll.” Lennon whistled. “You mean business.”
“Seriously, it’s like Kool Aid now.” I still felt Cash staring at my back. “What’s with the magician? Is he trying to use x-ray vision on me or something?”
“He can use his magic on me any time he wants.” Lennon looked over my shoulder and fluttered her eyelashes. “Jesus Christ, he’s hotter than the sun.”
Her enthusiasm over this guy still took me by surprise. “Ready to jump back into the game, huh?”
She lowered her eyes, looking sad. “I’ll always love Jacey, that’s never going away. But it’s been like two months since I’ve had any blood play. I’m about to rip myself open in the middle of this bar. I can’t take it anymore.”
“I get it.” Really, I did. Once vampire blood passed my lips, I couldn’t imagine my life without it. Lennon must have felt like she was wilting by now. “But are you sure about that guy? Maybe it’s the magic thing, but he gives me the heebie-jeebies.”
“He’s sexy and mysterious.” Lennon practically swooned, still looking past me. “And he radiates power. I want to feel that power flowing through my veins.”
That was it. It was the power. I looked over my shoulder, back to Cash. His lips turned upward in a smile. A horrible, dirty smile that said so much but gave me no answers. It was his only acknowledgement. He drank in my surprise with the same intensity I finished my Venomtini.
Excerpt 4:
“That’s it?” I grabbed Tristan’s arm as I spoke through clenched teeth. “You’ve made a big mistake? We’re so screwed. Everyone is turning against us.”
Tristan rolled his eyes. “They’re has-beens. No one cares about them. And there’s a lot more vampires in town that are going to see Blade for the lunatic he is. We have nothing to worry about, beautiful.”
“Nothing to worry about? They have that other bitch that they’re going to train to be some bloodthirsty lunatic just like the rest of them!” I kicked my foot against the bar so I didn’t take my anger out anyone in this room. “Ryder’s right. I’m weak. And I don’t have anyone to help me with that. He knows everything I don’t know. And it’s just a matter of time before everyone else does, too.”
“Beautiful. Calm down.” Tristan cupped my face in his hands. I fought the urge to push him away. “You don’t need to be engaging in combat every time you leave the house. You own everything. The important people know that. They’ll do your dirty work for you.”
“If anyone ever told me anything, maybe I wouldn’t be freaking out right now.” This time I did take his hands away. “Who are these important people?”
“Tony, for one. And his staff.”
“Tony who couldn’t keep up with Blade?” I crossed my arms and spun my stool away from Tristan. At some point, Lennon had refilled my drink. Okay, so she was still on my side. I picked it up and sipped at it, looking out over the room. Quite a few of them seemed aware of my argument with Tristan.
“You think Talis never had any of this shit to deal with?” He spun me back to face him. “This never goes away. You need to relax.”
“Relax? Like you? So everyone can tell me how useless I am?”
Tristan’s lips formed a hard line as he processed my words. I was sorry I said it. Sort of. I was sick of having to save everyone else’s feelings when no one gave a crap about mine. I needed him to stand up and embrace what he was if we had any chance of survival.
Since he already broke his glass getting pissed at Noah, he had nothing left to destroy. “Let’s just go.” He barely spoke above a whisper. “Although I should just fucking leave you here and let you figure it out on your own.” His eyebrows rose as my insides shattered. “I guess I’m not so useless after all.”
Great, I thought as Tristan pushed through the front door without me. Now I was going to have to chase after him, past Blade, Ryder, Melanie, and this other chick, to make sure he wouldn’t actually leave without me. My heart pounded, reminded of the night Blade did the same exact thing, pushing past me after a show, leaving me at Santa Fe Station, and reemerging as this monster. And even worse, Blade would get to watch history repeat itself.
It never bode well for me when the men in my life disappeared.
I turned back to Lennon, desperate for a kind face. She looked away from me, pursing her lips. Her shoulders rose and fell.
What would the table behind me do, now that they had me alone? I had to get out of here.
I pushed myself away from the bar, casually like we meant to do this. Just come in, have a drink, stir up shit, and leave separately. Yeah, that’s exactly what I had in mind for tonight.
I didn’t acknowledge my rivals as I walked to the door. Instead, I stopped and hugged one of my favorite regular patrons. I missed my old life, the one that had seemed so crazy before and now I wished to have its normalcy back.

Kristen Strassel is the author of The Night Songs Collection, a paranormal romance series about vampire rock stars in Las Vegas. After all, they tell you to write what you know. She is a passionate music fan who also loves football games and diners. Kristen works as a makeup artist on film and TV shows when she's not writing, and loves being behind the scenes. A former resident of Las Vegas, Kristen now lives in the Boston area.
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Venomtini Drink Recipe

By Kristen Strassel

In The Night Songs Collection, the vampires enjoy an alcohol called Venom. It’s too strong for humans, but at The Sin City Vampire Club, the bartenders have created a knock-off cocktail that the fans can enjoy while they watch Immortal Dilemma on stage.


1 part Navan vanilla liquor (Venom is amber colored, Navan is made from black vanilla)

1 part vodka (the smoother the better)

·         Pour into shaker over ice

·         Shake well

·         Pour into a sugar rimmed, chilled glass.

Best enjoyed while listening to vampire glam rock!

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